Why Wolfington Body Company?

We are a Diamond Edge Certified IC Bus Dealership and Collins Bus Distributor with more than 140 years of experience in the transportation industry. For our clients searching for a Commercial Bus, we have a team with vast experience in the market. We count on Berkshire Coach, Glaval, Braun Ability, and TCI Mobility vehicles to meet your transportation needs.

In addition to providing school and commercial buses, WBC is equipped with complete mechanical services and body shops to handle your vehicle’s entire lifecycle. Our parts department supplies thousands of parts for all makes and models with same-day delivery available in most areas.


We are reinventing the approach of serving Electric Vehicles by supporting our customers through the entire E.V. lifecycle.

Wolfington Body Company Timeline

No one knows your vehicle better than us. Our technicians are certified with the latest technology to provide you with uptime. Our shop is equipped with best-in-class tools and parts to keep life easy for you and your vehicle running.

  • 2008 - 2008 – Commercial Buses

    Wolfington Body Company integrated commercial buses into its vehicle's sales inventory.

  • 2000 - 2000 – IC Bus

    Wolfington Body Company innovated one more time and received IC Bus/ Navistar franchise.

  • 2000 - The 2000s – One of the largest school bus dealers in the United States

    In addition to its Exton location, it also has facilities in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and New Jersey. The company's business extends far beyond the tri-state area, however. Wolfington buses can be found throughout the US and in many foreign countries.

  • 1968 - 1968 – The Beginning of a New Era

    Wolfington had always been located in Philadelphia. Harry A. decided to relocate its headquarters to an 18-acre facility in Exton, PA, 35 miles outside the city.

  • 1941 - 1941 – Second World War

    Small buses were created out of Wolfington Body's traded-in used vehicles and sold to defense plants.

  • 1940 - 1940 – The largest bus distributor

    Wolfington Body Company, under Harry A's guiding hand, had become the largest bus distributor in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

  • 1932 - 1932 – Harry A. decided to become a bus distributor

    The Great Depression, mass production, and the move of bus manufacturers to the West to equalize freight costs ended the Wolfington business's manufacturing wing.

  • 1921 - 1921 – Building a bus body

    East Coast Coach Company approached Wolfington about building a bus body.

    • The first Bus with a body built by Wolfington ran between Wanamaker's in Philadelphia and the Million Dollar Pier in Atlantic City

  • 1910 - 1910 – Motorized vehicles

    Alex turned the reins over to his son Harry J., who knew that the future of transportation was in motorized vehicles.

    • Wolfington got the contracts for Stutz, Packard, Pierce-Arrow, and Cadillac, to name just a few, that bore the sign "Body by Wolfington."

  • 1890 - The 1890s – The ultimate carriage of the 1890s

    Wolfington was called upon to make the ultimate carriage of the 1890s, the Brougham - a private, four-wheeled, closed carriage drawn by a single horse and driven by a coachman. The superb craftsmanship of the Wolfington Brougham gave Wolfington a national reputation.

    • "Devil Machines" - The horseless carriage
    Alex Wolfington and his son Harry J. entered the motorized transportation era by adding bodies to the bare chassis and individualized touches for practicality, safety, and comfort.

  • 1876 - 1876 – Alexander J. Wolfington

    In a converted feed store on North Twentieth Street in Philadelphia, he built the first Wolfington carriage, a ” buggy,” with such durability that it held up under the heavy use of doctors traveling their rounds.