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For any questions about your unemployment or benefits please email hr@wolfington.com

4/29 - Short update from WBC:


No Charge Electronic COBRA Payment Option:



4/6 -  Dealing with Corona Virus


There’s no way around it: the world is really scary right now. Now that Corona is sweeping the globe as a pandemic, we’re all afraid for the health of ourselves and our loved ones. People all across the world are pinching pennies to make rent and support their families. Parents are forced to put their work (and potentially income) on hold to homeschool their kids… that is if their kid is even old enough for school. If not, then they suddenly need to provide 24/7 childcare while keeping up a job. And, everyone everywhere must stay away from social situations. It’s scary. And isolating. And lonely. Yet, we have the tools at our fingertips to help each other. Even in isolation, we’re still connected.

Anxious about coronavirus? Reach out to a Crisis Counselor:


4/3 -A letter from Richard, Eganne and James:


4/3 - Enhanced Healthcare Benefits during Covid-19 (next 90 days)
  • Expanded Teladoc - No longer a copay

  • NEW - Telemedicine - if your primary care physician will do Telemedicine, it is now covered under the Wolfington Meritain plan



4/2 - Please link below for the Colonial Life Supplemental Insurance Form


4/1 -Please click on link below for a FAQ on Health Benefit coverage  


3/31 - Please see link below for information related to NJ drivers license expiration/renewals.

3/30  - Please see the link below for important information related to PA drivers license expiration.
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